A checklist to stay safe in your home

In the wake of two recent shootings in the Averill Woods neighborhood on Lansing’s southwest side, Melissa Quon-Huber provides a checklist of suggestions for residents to stay safe:

  • Report suspicious activities or properties
    • If an emergency – call 9-1-1
    • If not an emergency call 483-4600 and also leave a message for our community police officer, Jason Bock at 272-7488 ext 9530
  • If police arrive on your block to investigate a situation like this…
    • Stay inside
    • Turn on your exterior lights if it is dark
    • Stay alert
  • Check to make sure your street lights are working and are not blocked by trees. For repairs and tree trimming around your street lights contact the follow individuals:
    • Street light repair – Call Board of Water & Light at 702-6006
    • Tree trimming around street lights where no utilities are present – Call Paul Dykema at City of Lansing at 483-4277
    • Tree trimming around street lights where utilities ARE present – Call Board of Water and Light at 702-6006
  • Know your neighors
    • Contact Melissa if you want to start a neighborhood watch on your street (394-3996 or hubermel@msu.edu
    • Keep an eye out for each other, know what isn’t “normal” activity

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