Proposed Averill Woods Neighborhood Association Bylaws

The Averill Woods Neighborhood Association in southwest Lansing (MI) is making plans to take its relationship with its members to the next level with  proposed bylaws which could possibly be presented at the Jan. 22 meeting.  This PDF is the first draft and will probably be changed to fit our group.

Residents in our neighborhood bounded by Cooley, Deerfield, Holmes and Waverly has operated in the past with a lean and supple organizational structure that could adapt to the needs as presented.

With a perceived need for a more formal organizational structure, the association’s president Melissa Quon-Huber has drafted a proposed set of bylaws.

Your comments are invited and appreciated. The goal is to keep them simple, but yet provide a more formal organizational structure.

Feel free to leave comments on this post.

2 responses to “Proposed Averill Woods Neighborhood Association Bylaws

  1. I read the by-laws and they seem fine. My opinion would be not to have voting rights tied to attendance or paying dues.

  2. Dear Wes,
    My comment on the proposed bylaws is to limit voting to adults as we do in all other elections (18 or older). Otherwise it could be a meaningless exercise or a critical vote could be thrown off by a group of 8 year olds there for a class project.

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